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Game Info.

Main Info.

Genre(s) : Action-adventure
Mode(s) : Single player
Platform(s) : Wii, Nintendo GameCube


ESRB : T (Teen)
CERO : B (12+)
PEGI : 12+
USK : 12+


Developer : Nintendo EAD
Publisher : Nintendo
Designer(s) : Eiji Aonuma(director), Shigeru Miyamoto(producer), Yoshiyuki Oyama(enemy design lead)

Release Date Info.

Nintendo Wii
: November 19, 2006
: December 2, 2006
: December 8,2006

Nintendo GameCube
: December 11, 2006
: December 2, 2006
: December 15, 2006


Link is rasied up in a small peaceful village outside of Hyrule called Toaru Village. The village gathers for a special event that only happens once a year, this event is called the Hyrule Summit. Link is sent by the mayor of Toaru Village to attend. When Links enters the twilight realm he notices the darkness that has been set upon Hyrule. In the twilight realm he is transformed into a wolf and was captured. Midna, an imp helps Link break free from his cell, and becomes Link partner throughout the game.


Game Information

Wii Twilight Princess Controls(IMG)
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GCN Twilight Princess Controls(IMG)
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Twilight Princess Controls.
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