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Game Info.

Main Info.

Genre(s) : Action-adventure
Mode(s) : Single player
Platform(s) : Game Boy Advance


ESRB : E (Everyone)
OFLC : G8+
PEGI : 3+


Developer : Flagship
Publisher : Nintendo
Designer(s) : Hidemaro Fujibayashi

Release Date Info.

Game Boy Advance
: January 10, 2005
: November 4, 2004
: November 12, 2004

Official Prologue

The King of Hyrule is sending Link on an incredible quest that will take him to places he's never imagined. Using the power of a special hat called the Minish Cap, Link can shrink and explore the magical world of the Minish -- tiny people who live just beneath his feet!


Game Information

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The Minish Cap: Ratings
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The Legend Of The Picori/Minish
The Legend Of The Picori, also known as Minish.


Instruction Manuel
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