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Zelda Oracles History:

On November 21, 2005 I began my first site. The host was a simple site builder site called Tripod. At first I was thrilled by getting a site up, but when you went there you were spammed by pop-ups and ads. The site was still on an easy site builder by the time version 2.0 came out. But we moved to another, slightly more advanced site builder called Freewebs. It was up for a couple of months. When you first went to the site, you would hear the OOT intro theme song. At the start of version 2.2, 2L84ME, a friend of mine from Zelda World made me a simple small layout, in which I could use to make my site in HTML. I didn't know much about coding and scripting then, so 2L84ME generously coded it for me. The site progressed little-by-little, but the site wasn't that good.

Version 2.3 was out for months and months, I began to get lazy and I did not want to work on it. It was dull, gloomy, therefore an eyesore. I would try to add new features here and there, but they didn't change anything.

May 6, 2006, my birthday. I convinced my parents to let me get a hosted website with a domain. I got hosting from A Small Orange. I really loved it. I was uploading and installing programs just for fun because I had never been able to before. It really helped expand my FTP/MySQL Database knowledge.

July 15, 2006 I renamed the site to 'Zelda Oracles'. When I had first started Zelda Discussions it was only meant to be a webpage leading to the forums. I didn't intent for it to have content, media, etc. Later as my site grew and expanded it needed a new name. One day during a nice break from the computer I played Halo 2. When I came back the name "oracle" (A profit in Halo 2) occurred to me. So I decided it was time for version 3.0 to come out. I had been planing on it for quite sometime so I began the layout using Photoshop CS2. I finished and got Toby to help code it. This layout was the big leap in Zelda Oracles.

I believe it was December 19th of 2006 when I finished coding version 4.0. I went away for a Christmas party that evening and when I returned I found 41 comments to the release posts. I was astonished how many people were pleased with the site. Then after a while people started to report lots of bugs with screen resolutions, Internet Explorer, etc. I always promised I would fix them once version 4.1 was released. Well.. sadly I became too involved in my 3rd growing community I decided to lay it off for a while.
January 15th, 2007 I started to play the #1 MMORPG "World of Warcraft" I sort of forgot about my community for that long period of time. I don't recall what happened much after that since I became very addicted to play World of Warcraft. I know that around early summer one of our Moderators was hacked and all his accounts here and on the forums were broken into. The forums and news was wiped clean. I was very unprepared back then for the worst so I didn't have any backups to restore. This became the downfall for Zelda Oracles - I stopped working, staff stopped working, I kept playing WoW, hits starting going down.

Around December '07 I decided to pick up the pieces of Zelda Oracles and promised there would be a release to the old fans wondering what had become of my site and hoping it hadn't died. Mid-December I teamed up with my hostee The Burning Link; webmaster of Zelda Online. We decided we would merge our sites and create a replica of Zelda Oracles 4.0 and the current layout(at that time) of Zelda Online.

About a week later we were ready for release. We supported all screen resolutions and Internet Explorer along with Opera and Safari and of course always Firefox. We opened to a very unpredicted release. I was expecting the same traffic 4.0 brought. Instead we got 8 comments on the release. It was really sad to see but I had to accept the fact that it was dead before and it was like reopening again. Our affiliates list started to grow again, along with hostees. Traffic and hits went back into 100 daily. Our community #4 was doing OK.

It was basically a cruise from there on out until the 25th of February I decided to talk it over with Link and Sam, both webmasters of Zelda Cavern and Admins of Zelda Community an idea I had about Zelda Community. I suggested we merge Zelda Oracles' forums into Zelda Cavern's forums "Zelda Community". We did and it was a helpful move for Zelda Oracles. It brought us a great new community along with other admins so I could take a break :P.

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