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Main Info.

Genre(s) : Action-adventure
Mode(s) : Single player
Designer(s) : Shigeru Miyamoto
Platform(s) : Famicom Disk System, NES, GameCube,Game Boy Advance, and Wii(Virtual Console)


ESRB : E (Everyone)


Developer : Nintendo
Publisher : Nintendo
Designer(s) : Shigeru Miyamoto

Release Date Info.

Nintendo Entertainment and Famicom Disk System
: December 1988
: April 1988
: January 1989

Gameboy Advance
:August 10, 2004
: August 10, 2004
: January 7, 2005

Virtual Console
: June 4, 2007
: January 23, 2007
: February 9, 2007

Official Prologue

Adventure of Link was Nintendo's second Zelda game and it's the second Zelda game on it NES. Nintendo added a side scrolling part to the game that allowed more detailed enemies, characters and environments, which was a delight for the fans of the first one. Although, the change could have been a negative for the fans that were expecting another classic overhead game. There are some overhead aspects to the game, but not as much as expected.. Either way, this game is fabulous.

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